Buildings that are not energy efficient not only cost you excess in terms of electricity bills, they also harm the environment.

While preparing the budget for annual expenses, the concern is more or less on how to ensure productivity from employees or how to avoid loss of raw material and manpower. What should also be a point of concern is the wastage of precious resources through electric appliances such as the air conditioner that cause multiple issues. What one should be concerned about are the energy saving appliances. The logic is straightforward. Another cause for concern is the fact that these air conditioners do not understand the requirements of the building, thereby causing additional stress to the occupants of the building.

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Take a look at what you need to know while choosing an energy efficient air conditioner for your building.

  • Buy an air conditioner that has energy saving settings: Resources are finite. Ensure optimum utilization.
  • Determine the cooling capacity required in the space: Understand the space of your building and pick the right size of A/C for it. A too-small unit will not be sufficient, and an oversized A/C would not be utilized enough too cool your space.
  • Location: The size also depends on the location of the building and the city.
  • Tonnage: A ton refers to the amount of heat that is removed by the A/C in an hour. This heat is measured in British Thermal Units. Higher the BTU, the greater the cooling capacity.
  • EER: Amount of heat removed per hour/ power consumed
  • SEER: output divided by input. ( Output being the cooling and input being the power consumed)
  • EER and SEER ratings: EER (energy efficiency rating) and SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) calculates the energy efficiency for your unit. Higher the rate, the greater the efficiency.
  • Amount of heat: Higher the amount of heat removed in an hour, greater is the efficiency of the air conditioner. The air quality improves as the EER increases.

One of the biggest and most direct contributors to energy inefficiency in a building is the air conditioner. The right time to save costs is from the beginning. It is going to be much hotter this summer. It is all the more vital to pick the right air conditioner whose capacity synchronizes with both your building and the budget.

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