Did you know that 30% of the energy consumed is wasted by an average commercial building?

This has a direct impact on the expenses, doesn’t it? Any given company will spend a certain amount each month to smoothly operate. A service-based organization would have only operational expenses that include rent and electricity among other utilities.

As a business owner, the expense budget is prepared while ensuring that as little as possible is spent without compromising on the quality of the employees’ environment to bring in maximum profit. Most offices, while preparing a budget for their overhead expenses, do not realise that the electricity bill can be reduced. It is assumed that during peak summer, the bill will be close to thrice the regular amount. The employees will want the air conditioner to be running at all times. The ones with the maximum tolerance to cold would more or less would be the only ones comfortable in the workspace. The number of such persons would be low compared to those who prefer a temperature of 24 in the room.

There are multiple things that are incorrect in this scenario

  • The majority of the employees are not comfortable in the scenario
  • The temperature of the office is not suited to bring comfort to the employees
  • The productivity of the office is compromised
  • The electricity bill is very high because the chillers are being used to the maximum to reduce the temperatures in the office beyond necessary
  • Wastage of natural resources
  • During peak summer, energy demand is high. The rates are twice the normal amount, thereby doubling the costs of the bill

Increased energy usage

We tend to use more electricity in summer. The higher the temperature outside, the harder the AC works to keep the room comfortably cool. Centralized air conditioners prevent individuals from switching off the system when not needed, thereby causing a colossal waste of energy.

How to make the office more energy efficient in the summer

Extreme heat brings in extreme bills. There are some simple steps that can be taken to ensure that you do not burn a hole in the budget or divert too much of your income towards running expenses

  • Raise the thermostat: Save close to 10% every year by setting the temperature back 6 degrees for 6-7 hours a day.
  • Check the filters: Ensure that the HVAC system is functioning efficiently. Pick the right air filter
  • Use energy-saving features: This one feature can have a dramatic reduction in the electricity bill. Save energy, save costs.
  • LED lighting: LED bulbs to utilise 75% less energy and emit lesser heat.
  • Seal doors and windows well: Do not let cool air escape and hot air enter. Weather stripping ensures that there is no leakage.

Statistics state that a big chunk of your electricity bill is diverted towards the air conditioner. It is not just dirty filters and faulty parts that increase the costs but the very system itself. Energy-efficient air conditioners bring in computational data that responds to real-time and provides cooling as required.

With motion sensors and data analytics, this smart AC regulates the chillers and provides cool air in moderation to create optimum utilization of electricity. When there is no one in the room, the device automatically switches off thus preventing wastage of power. There is also no need to devote manual resources to monitor and regulate the temperatures in the office.

In essence, we bring in decentralized AC controls for centralized AC systems, providing energy savings, ensuring comfort and improving overall system stability.

Bring positive changes to your workspace. A lot of time, money and energy is saved by ensuring that energy is not being wasted in the office space. Give us a call to know more about how to eliminate energy wastage and reduce global warming today.

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