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IoT Platform
Cloud powered Zedbee platform transforms

your building into an 'Intelligent' one.
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Command Center
Administer your fleet of buildings & control

the fast-evolving landscape of BMS
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Enable buildings to Think,

Adapt and Evolve.
ZedBee Technologies

ZedBee powers you with complete control & command over building infrastructures.

The industry is facing recesses in various hotspots of building management which have a direct effect on your occupants, the primary consumers. ZedBee has come up with an innovative platform that links critical infrastructure equipment with one spot data management that ensures secured and efficient operations always.

What we offer

Increase performance and efficiency
with building automation and controls.

Why ZedBee

Being customer-centric
is just common sense.

We improve the responsiveness of the equipment to the needs of building occupants by proactive adjustment, not retrospective catch up.

Why ZedBee

Seamless integration with
existing infrastructure.

Our platform easily retrofits into any automation giving you instant control over your assets.

Why ZedBee

Unlimited scalability for
futuristic applications.

Secure, multi-tenant environment allows for simple scaling of resources and is ideal for business expansion models.

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customers say about us


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Let’s optimize your enterprise for
better performance and efficiency now!

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